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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Perfect Man

Over on my blog, reneelukenovels.com, I've been running a sampling of men all week in search of the perfect hero for the story I'm working on.

I love the story, but have had a hard time wrapping my brain around what the hero looks like. I knew about his Alpha bad-ass attitude and the fact that he's a reformed playa who's finally taking life seriously and looking for the woman who'll be serious with him, but I didn't have an image of what he looked like.

Now I do. Dwayne, aka Rock is the perfect image of my hero, Israel Hughs. He's so finger-licking-yummy that I can't wait to put him with Maya (the heroine) and see how these two get along. It's going to be hot, in and out of bed.

But my difficulty coming up with an image for Israel is a first for me. Usually I know what they guy looks like as soon as the story starts forming in my head. And his name comes pretty quickly after that--though I do keep a baby-name book and notebook for character names.

As many of you know, I've used LL Cool J to model a hero before. I've got a major crush on this man--it's the dimples and those lick-em-up lips--and have had the hots for him since I was sixteen. That's before I knew my boo who I married 15 years ago next Friday.

I've also used Rock before in a historical because Scorpian King photos looked like the perfect medieval warrior. This is the first time I'm putting him into a contemp setting.

All my troubles over the last week finding and deciding on a guy has me wondering if I'm alone. If you're a writer, how do you come up with your heros? Is it from images you've seen of men you deside? Are they purely fictional images you create all on your own.

And if you're a reader, do you want a real image of the hero? Do you want to know who he was modeled after? Does that take away from the fun of creating your own hero--the one that's perfect for you? Would prefer vague discriptions so you can imagine your own image of the hero while you read?

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