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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Temptations...I've been trying to avoid them, but failing. I decided a while ago that I'd give up coffee and just drink herbal teas--that the coffee everyday probably wasn't great for me. But, I've succumbed. As fall approaches and the mornings have cooled, a hot mug of coffee, sweetened and creamed beats tea hands down. Coffee is one temptation I've been giving into.

I also planned on sticking to a diet after returning from Atlanta where RWA held it's national convention, and seeing all those thin, pretty, successful authors. My butt is way too fat, and could use some good slimming down before I'm seen in public again. But dark chocolate has been calling to me, as has Indian food. Indian food is loaded with gee (clarified butter) and so fattening--but so damned tempting.

Email and being online is another temptation for me, and one I thought would be in my best interest to chill out on during the day when I'm supposed to be writing. But alas....I can't stop checking my email or seeing who's doing what online.

So many temptations I've been giving into. Sigh....

In my upcoming release, Tempt Me Twice--Hot Damn! Two days away--Dante gives into the temptation of his wife, Latoya. They've been having mariage trouble, and drifted apart like so many couples do, but they're willing to do what it takes to save their relationship, including finding the ultimate temptation and giving in to it...

Ugh...for some reason, I couldn't get the cover of Ellora's Cavemen:Dreams of the Oasis III to upload, but here's the link to read about it on my site. Tempt Me Twice

What people are saying about it:
All the stories within the third volume of the Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis series are appealing and enjoyable… Those readers who are looking for action, passion, and a vast selection of stories to read will find this multi-author anthology an excellent read.” — Francesca Hayne, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Dante and Toya are one incredibly hot couple! I loved their play together and I loved the intensity of their relationship. Their pain as they deal with the possible end of their marriage is palpable and so is their love for each other. Tempt Me Twice was my first taste of Renee Luke, but it won’t be my last!” — Shannon, Joyfully Reviewed

What are your temptations? And, are you going to give in?


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