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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arresting new reviews for The Cop and NEW excerpt!

Arresting new reviews are in for The Cop (just released from Kensington Aphrodisia!). Check out what great things they have to say! I've also included a brand new excerpt to whet your taste buds and get you in the mood to be Arrested!

"Illicitly hot and highly entertaining…absolutely outstanding!" 5 cups, Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

"A mixed bag of erotic treats for every taste..." Kristi Ahlers, Romantic Times Book Club

"A steamy anthology…" Lisa, Coffee Time Romance

"Arrested…quickly picks up the pace and heats up the pages." Trang, The Cata Network

"Men in blue, nightsticks, handcuffs, hot bodies, kissable lips...need I go on? Those are all the things, plus a few more that you will find in THE COP." Sinclair Reid, RRT Erotic

"I look forward to reading future stories from Ms. Brooks." Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


An excerpt from Arrested, a novella in the sexy law enforcement anthology The Cop.

Reid's breath caught in his chest as he watched her. Her luscious curves swayed under the baby-blue cotton of her sweats, and bounced to the beat of her feet. A tight top that read 'flirt' stretched across the deep curves of her chest, and nipples the size of quarters hardened against the pull of the fabric.

Her perky breasts jiggled up and down as she increased her brisk pace, her shake more and more tantalizing the closer she drew.

No way could she be wearing a bra. Not a chance. And the fabric of her shirt was entirely too thin.

The gall of some people, Reid gulped.

When his breathtaking perp rounded the pump and caught sight of him, she stopped dead in her tracks. For a moment she just stood there, a deer in the headlights look. Her huge, jade eyes flew to the flashing red lights on his blazer then returned to him. Reid stared back at her heart-shaped face with a hard glare.

"Can I help you?" Her sugary voice was smooth and calm, like syrup being poured over pancakes.

"Yes, ma'am. You most certainly can," Reid told her in a flat voice. Her eyes widened, big, green, and devastating as he approached her. "What brings you to Paradise?"

"Just passing through."

"Where to?"

"That, sir, is absolutely none of your business." Curtness laced her reply.

"I disagree. Sheriff Reid, ma'am." He held out his hand and she shook it, but not without obvious reservation. "And since I'm about to place you under arrest, you might make it my business."

"Arrest?" She took a step back as she squeaked the question. Ruby red lips, full and lush, hung open at the question. "You must be mistaken."

Man, she played the innocent act well. Hell, she probably thought she could get away with murder with only a flash of those wide emerald eyes.

Reid had to admit — the little blond tempted him. He hadn't experienced such interest in a woman in years, not since Lisa left. Not even the porn channel or Suzy May had managed to awaken his cock since his ex-wife's cold betrayal. And every bachelor in town had fallen for Suzy's wanton ways.

But he had to uphold the law.

"Not at all. Now, we can talk here or at the station. Your choice."

"Look, Sheriff. I'm only passing through."

Reid raised his eyebrows in question but was met with silence and a cold look.


"Bay Crest, Alabama. Home to live with my folks." Her hard voice softened a notch, then she looked at him as if for understanding. "So if you'll just let me be on my way, I can get back to a simpler life — a normal life. You can appreciate that, of course?"

Reid nodded. "So you're coming from the city then?" She took a wide step back, and he matched her movement. "What city?"


"And this car, whose is it?"

"Mine," she asserted. "Kirsten Montgomery."

"Yours? And where did you acquire it?"

A sudden look flashed across her face. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped a notch, then they both snapped shut. "It's a gift, from my ex-boyfriend. Kurt Black."

A chortle of disbelief escaped from his throat. If the convertible was a gift, then he was Mister Rogers.

From the blank look of disbelief on Kirsten's face, he expected she'd try to run. He needed to get the cuffs on her.

As predicted, when he advanced, she stumbled backwards, taking off in a sprint towards the diner. Reid pursued her, amazed by her speed. Like a flash she darted from his grasp and he had to put forth an effort to catch her.

Before Kirsten could round his Blazer, he caught her arm and stopped her in her tracks. With a forceful yank, Reid threw her against his truck and pinned her.

Feisty as a wildcat, Kirsten continued to try to break away from him with desperate yanks and tugs. Sharp nails dug into his skin as he pulled her hand behind her. Pain pinched into his wrists and Reid rushed to slam shut the cuff, grabbing for her other arm. A slight cry escaped her with a hint of desperate pain and he softened his hold.

He didn't want to hurt her, but Reid couldn't help but think a sound spanking was exactly what the hellcat needed as she started to struggle against him again.

His grasp tight on her arm, he detained her against the Blazer as he tried to grab her other wrist. The vixen wriggled and twisted to keep away from him, the movement causing her bottom to rub against his hips.

For the first time in years, Reid's cock twitched and started to harden.

"Stop it," he commanded as he caught her thrashing hand. "Stop resisting."

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