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Friday, June 08, 2007

A few updates!

Because of deadlines I've been pretty quiet. However, I can now announce that the page proofs of Sins of the Flesh ( Oct '07) are done--and I finished and turned over the manuscript for the second Kynn book, Sins of the Night (April '08). Now that I can rest a bit, I wanted to share a snip of a wonderful review for Flesh and the Devil:

Review by Ashley Lister @ www.eroticarevealed.com

Flesh and the Devil, by Devyn Quinn, comes from Aphrodisia’s Erotic Romance range of titles. Please note, just because it says “erotic romance” on the cover that does not mean the content is tame or unerotic. Devyn Quinn is a mistress of paranormal penmanship and a delightful deviant in the art of erotica. Here she presents a neatly told tale that blends romance and the paranormal. But it is far from tame and never unerotic. Flesh and the Devil smoulders with flames that could have come straight from Hell.

The rest of the review can be found on the Erotica Revealed website.

As for June 9th, I'll be attending the PPW conference in Amarillo, TX. My Kensington editor, Hilary Sares, will be there. I'm dying to meet her. I promise to try and snap some pix to share! I'll also be doing a booksigning with several other authors, so hope to have a lot of fun!

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