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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Look At My New Cover!!!

Isn't it freakin' awesome!!!


Here's the blurb:

The sexiest, smartest, leather-clad hell-raiser ever to walk the post-Apocalyptic Earth is always on the prowl for enemies and sexual conquests. But now Kat is chasing something very different--and far more dangerous. She's caught a killer virus and only one man has the cure--a scientist called Onyx who dwells in the deadly city of Inferno. If she's going to make there alive, she'll need the help of Hades, her favorite lover--a man who's big, mean, and hotter than hell. But he won't help her for free--he wants her body and her heart, and he's not going to settle for anything less than a lifetime of pleasure. Because once they enter the Inferno, they may never come out again...

Coming DECEMBER 2006!

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