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Monday, August 28, 2006

Bonnie & Susan do drive bys!

No, no, no...not that kind of drive by. Whatever are you thinking?

Susan Lyons and I had a booksigning on the weekend at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA on Saturday evening. At various points on the trip there and back, we stopped at different bookstores to autograph whatever stock they had of our recent releases.

For me, that would be Pure Sex (July) and for Susan, Hot in Here (August). Not only did the stores have our new releases...they had copies of our previous ones, too! So I signed a ton of The Hard Stuff along the way while Susan signed the first of her awesome foursome series, Champagne Rules.

What a fabulous time we had. Bookstore staff was helpful, friendly, approachable and very kind. One fellow looked up a sales history for me and I now know how many copies of The Hard Stuff and Pure Sex his location has actually sold.

But, the VERY best part was meeting, totally by accident, some readers in a great Borders Express at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA. If you're anywhere near that area...please stop by and talk to the wonderful staff. It's the type of store where they know what their customers like to read. Where regulars are recognized! The kind of friendly bookstore all readers love to have.

While we were in this Border Express, we met two readers. Big waves to Jessica and Sara! Jessica is one of Aphrodisia's very first readers! She told me she was thrilled to see the ad that Kensington put in the January issue of RT Book club mag, and started digging for info on the Kensington website and visits this very blog on a regular basis.

Well, I'm apologizing here for *HUGGING THE LIFE OUT OF HER* in the bookstore. I tell you, I blinked back tears to think she's been buying and reading our Aphrodisia titles right from the beginning. What a sweet thing for me to experience.

Meanwhile, Susan was chatting with Sara who loves continuing series and insisted on buying Champagne Rules so she could start with the first of her awesome foursome.

Right before we left, Susan had the foresight to ask what we as authors can do to reach out to more readers. There was a chorus from Amanda, the store manager and Jessica and Sara, "keep writing those wonderful stories".

And what a wonderful chorus to hear! Thanks so much ladies for the time you gave us, the inspiration , and all the kindness you showed.

I'm still grinning from ear to ear! My heart's warmed, my fingers are revved up on the keyboard and inside, I'm doing the happy dance.


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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Perfect Man

Over on my blog, reneelukenovels.com, I've been running a sampling of men all week in search of the perfect hero for the story I'm working on.

I love the story, but have had a hard time wrapping my brain around what the hero looks like. I knew about his Alpha bad-ass attitude and the fact that he's a reformed playa who's finally taking life seriously and looking for the woman who'll be serious with him, but I didn't have an image of what he looked like.

Now I do. Dwayne, aka Rock is the perfect image of my hero, Israel Hughs. He's so finger-licking-yummy that I can't wait to put him with Maya (the heroine) and see how these two get along. It's going to be hot, in and out of bed.

But my difficulty coming up with an image for Israel is a first for me. Usually I know what they guy looks like as soon as the story starts forming in my head. And his name comes pretty quickly after that--though I do keep a baby-name book and notebook for character names.

As many of you know, I've used LL Cool J to model a hero before. I've got a major crush on this man--it's the dimples and those lick-em-up lips--and have had the hots for him since I was sixteen. That's before I knew my boo who I married 15 years ago next Friday.

I've also used Rock before in a historical because Scorpian King photos looked like the perfect medieval warrior. This is the first time I'm putting him into a contemp setting.

All my troubles over the last week finding and deciding on a guy has me wondering if I'm alone. If you're a writer, how do you come up with your heros? Is it from images you've seen of men you deside? Are they purely fictional images you create all on your own.

And if you're a reader, do you want a real image of the hero? Do you want to know who he was modeled after? Does that take away from the fun of creating your own hero--the one that's perfect for you? Would prefer vague discriptions so you can imagine your own image of the hero while you read?

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday blahs? A hunk to perk you up!

What can I say? He's to die for! Wish he'd come to my house and play.

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Hot Stuff - Article on Erotic Romance

And, no, I am not talking about me in the pict. Given how honestly unphotogenic I normally am--I swear I see the camera and turn into a complete dolt--this turned out very well and kinda reminds me of a romance cover itself.

There is more article in the hard copy version of the news article, which I am off to get (okay I am off to get donuts and coffee, the paper is just my excuse *G*), but wanted to share the ecopy with you all...


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Friday, August 18, 2006

Better Together!

See how cool my two newest covers look together? And have you other authors noticed that your name gets bigger on the cover as your career progresses?

To check out excerpts, back cover blurbs, and reviews, look at www.LucindaBetts.com


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Chat with the Land Down Under

We're chatting with Oz - join us!

Rosemary's Romance Book store in Brisbane is holding an online chat with several Aphrodisia authors.

To sign on, go to http://www.rosemarysromancebooks.com/ and click on the chat room link.

It's starting at:
- EST: Fri (Aug 18) at 10:00 pm
- PST: Fri (Aug 18) at 7:00 pm
- Central: Fri (Aug 18) at 9:00 pm
- Hawaii: Fri (Aug 18) at 4:00 pm
- Brisbane: Sat (Aug 19) at 12:00 noon

I know lots of Aphrodisia authors (like myself) are busy finishing books that are due, but I sure intend to take a break, pour a glass of wine, and come chat. Hopefully several others will do the same. So, come join us and have some end-of-the-week fun!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Not Just A Hobby Anymore ... Or Is It?

I was recently interviewed by the Detroit Free Press for an article on the rise of erotic romance. The article will be out this Sunday, August 20th. I will post an e-link to it when it comes out. However, sharing the article isn't the point of this post. Rather, what happened today when the staff photographer came out to take my picture.

First off, the guy was super friendly and I am by no means speaking negatively of him. He did say something though that bothered me. The comment was, "Your husband doesn't work either?"

The comment was made because my hubby was watching the kids while I was playing "pretend I like the camera"--man, do I hate that thing! I confirmed my hubby does work nights, but that wasn't what bothered me. It was the "either" part. I didn't say anything to him about this, because as noted he was a really nice guy and I don't think he really even thought much about what he said, but it's been bothering me ever since.

You see I work really hard at what I do. I forgo sleep many nights, sometimes completely, to meet deadlines. I always try to present a professional image, though I do enjoy playful chats, as well. I have given so much time, well over a decade, to hone my craft and style, help others to do the same, and finally realize the dream of being able to write full-time, aka, have a career as an author. And now it seems that some don't perceive what I do as a career.

So, this makes me wonder, what exactly does "working" entail? Do you have to put in an 8 to 5 or 9 to 5 shift to qualify? In which case, my hubby really doesn't "work" either. Is "work" a job that you hate to go to? Geez, I hope not! I would hate to think of an entire world of angry people who are that way simply because they have to "work".

What do you think? Do I work? Or am I just putting a whole lot of time and energy into a hobby that happens to pay the bills?

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hunk Day ... Whipped Cream Without the Hunk

Wednesdays seem to be hunk day but ... well, Monday was my hunk day and I posted my hunk here.

No, today I'm working hard on completing The Sin Club, my manuscript that's due August 31st. Given the fact that it's an erotic romance, you'd think that my mind would be full of hunks, wouldn't you? Surprisingly, it's not.

Instead, my mind is overflowing with caffeine. Probably because I've been consuming it by the gallon to burn the midnight oil.

Which made me fantasize about my trip to Paris in May where I fell in love ...

With the cafe viennois -- which is another way of saying a dollop of espresso with a half a cup of creme chantilly.

Is that coffee to die for or what?

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Aphrodisia Authors


I think fear is a normal thing. The whimpy part of my brain is telling me something like this: Yeah, your story in PURE SEX got great reviews, and yeah, Kensington bought a whole bunch of your stories--but it was beginner's luck! You suck, and pretty soon the whole world'll know it!

This is what I have to say to that part of my brain: Suck this!

Advanced reviews for my first solo anthology NIGHT SPELL are coming in. I've received two of them this week. Here, let me show you the previews...

This is an unusual anthology in that each story is as good as the next. I loved them all and am unable to choose a favorite. The author is very good at describing settings and creating likable and interesting characters. Her heroines are strong and the heroes have a little extra that makes the story.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

From the fevered dreams of innocents to the sensual adventures of a thief, NIGHT SPELL has something for everyone. Order your copy of NIGHT SPELL today. Just a few words of advice -- grab a cool drink before starting this anthology containing both tender and scorching love. You’ll definitely need it.

Lori Ann
Romance Reviews Today

So tonight I'm celebrating, having that martini with an extra olive!


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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This is in homage to that cute Asian businessman four doors down from my room at Nationals in Atlanta. OMG, he was cute! And he had a drop-dead smile. And he reminded me of this HAWT man, Jet Li!

My regret is that we didn't get to hook up...mmmm, that would have made my conference experience one hell of a wild ride!!

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