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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all the best for a wonderful New Year, filled with health, wealth and good tidings. For those of you spending the night at home, like I am, I loaded New Year's Pleasure to my website just for tonight. I wrote this story a few years ago, but haven't really shared it much.

Click on the cover to read...but be warned, this ain't one for the kiddies! :)

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Video Trailer for Midnight Confessions!

I'm excited to announce that my video for Midnight Confessions is now on my website at: www.bonnieedwards.com

Please go check it out and let me know what you think. It was so much fun to work with Alyssa Brooks to come up with just the right mood and text for the series.

I'll be doing more updates to the site...reviews are coming in now and will be posted shortly.

But, I'm thrilled to announce that Joyfully Reviewed has given Midnight Confessions a Recommended Read! I was speechless when I saw it.

For the holidays, I wish everyone peace, happiness and fulfillment. And may 2007 bring you your dreams come true!

All best wishes to you and yours!

Bonnie Edwards

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New cover for Sins of the Flesh

Got the cover art today for Sins of the Flesh!

The back cover:

Devyn Quinn returns with another dark and delicious tale of pleasure, as a woman with nothing to lose explores a world beyond her wildest dreams…and sexual ecstasy worth any price.

Closing up her small bookstore is the end of a dream for Rachel Marks. But while personal failure is hard enough to handle, making rent is even harder. Before she knows it, Rachel is waitressing at the hottest club in town—and her boss is the mysterious and devastatingly sexy Devon Carnavorn.

Dark, decadent, and deliriously loud, Mystique is a goth club—in every sense of the word. Sexual frenzy pulses in time with the throbbing music, and before long Rachel’s blood runs hot for Devon. He’s a masterful, creative lover, wakening her to physical pleasures she never imagined—and desires so dark and dangerous, her heart races every time they touch. But there’s a price for each shattering climax, and soon Devon will demand that she pay in full…

“Devyn Quinn draws her readers into a sensual world…A luscious tale.” —Love Romances

Coming October 07.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Cover!

My next single title, THE SUPPLICANT, comes out in July '07! Here's the cover!

I want a pair of pants just like hers. Santa? Are you listening?


PURE SEX, Kensington, Aphrodisia--out now!
NIGHT SPELL, Kensington--out now!
MOON SHADOW, Kensington--March 2007

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

MOON SHADOW gets a "Reviewers Choice Award"

My first single title is coming out in March and it just won a "Reviewers Choice Award"!

Road to Romance says: "MOON SHADOW is a new upcoming release by authoress Lucinda Betts. Ms. Betts’ spellbinding pen dripped with carnality and magic, unlike anything this reviewer has ever read before. Using the freshest and most innovative of premises, Ms. Betts conjured up a magical tale that will leave the readers spellbound in awe. MOON SHADOW is a masterful novel about special characters that tug at the heartstrings and bring magic and intrigue into their world of spells. You have never read a book like this before that is weaved with the most of unusual of magic and the most of erotic of scenes.

MOON SHADOW is one of the best fantasy erotic books this reviewer has read this year. Ms. Betts is an author who has stepped into an elite class of writers that display a talent to craft novels that are profoundly different and of a unique caliber of writing. That is why MOON SHADOW is a recommended read and one every fantasy erotic lover needs to purchase.

How cool is this?

Lucinda Betts *~* www.LucindaBetts.com
PURE SEX, Kensington, Aphrodisia--out now!
NIGHT SPELL, Kensington, Aphrodisia--out now!
MOON SHADOW, Kensington, Aphrodisia--March 2007

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Monday, December 11, 2006

My 'Writing Process' Video

Okay. So, once again, I'm staring at my Word document that has total of a half of a manuscript page, wondering what to write. I glance at the top of my laptop screen, stare into the 'motion eye' and read the label, Enjoy live video chats with built-in camera. Though I've had my Sony VAIO laptop for 8 months (if you missed the report of this new love, check out My New Sex Toy), I have yet to remove the label or try this feature.

"Hmmm," I think. "What better time to experiment than when I'm supposed to be writing?"

So off I go. I launch Microsoft Movie Maker, catch some live shots with my 'motion eye,' click and drag and drop and ... voila ... my very first video. If you study it hard and take good notes, you, too, can learn the secret to producing one page/week.

What do you think? Do you know the secret?

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thinking about heroes...

I was walking the dog this morning, which is something I do every day. It gives me time to think about the work in progress and what I'll write on any particular day. Today I got sidetracked (not unusual) and started thinking about heroes in romance--what makes them not only hot and yummy, but unforgetable? What makes you, as a reader, sigh and wish the hero had his shoes parked under your bed? Because I'm most familiar with the men I write, I went back through my "men of Wolf Tales." In order of appearance, I've got Stefan Aragat--brash and cocky but with a soft heart and a powerful desire to please his packmates. There's Anton Cheval, the most powerful of all my Chanku. A wizard as well as a shapeshifter, he's also one of the older characters, and, in Chanku Journey (fall 07) becomes a father for the first time, something that scares him spitless. There's Lucien Stone from WTII, Mik and AJ, and Tinker McLintock--all alpha males, but each with a character trait -- call it a weakness, if you will -- that gives them a softer side. Do you see where I'm going with this? Even Jacob Trent, my Chanku "bad boy" has secrets that make him vulnerable, and that, I think, is the necessary ingredient in creating a perfect hero. It's not how handsome he is, or even how good in the sack. It's that vulnerability that tempers all the tough-guy traits. If he's always hard-edged, always the tough guy without a bit of softness, he doesn't need love, right? But, if he's vulnerable in some way, a vulnerability he shares with the heroine, it gives him a sense of humanity the uber-alpha male lacks. At least that's my opinion. I'm curious about what you think? Do you want your hero to have at least one small chink in his manly armor? I'd love to know what makes a hero unforgettable for you, and if you disagree with me, do your best to change my mind!

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Lots of Thanks...and some bragging!

Hi All:
Yesterday's chat over at Joyfully Reviewed was so much fun! Thanks so much Jodi Lynn Copeland, for organizing it! Here's wishing her the best with OPERATION G-SPOT! And thanks to Joy and Melissa for their gracious hosting!

I just found my first review of MOON SHADOW, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! Angel at Romance Junkies says, "Lucinda Betts weaves together a story of magic and erotica that will keep readers fanning. Esmenet is a great character and I love her upbeat and wild attitude. Gage on the other hand is mysterious and has a sensuality that will curl your toes. The love scenes are full of sizzling encounters and there is heated action throughout the book. Lucinda Betts is definitely going on my list of great authors and I will be on the lookout for more of her work in the future."

And new reviews for NIGHT SPELL are also delicious. TwoLips Reviews says, "Lucinda Bett's mastery of the English language provides for an eloquent and delightfully descriptive read. I completely enjoyed the NIGHT SPELL anthology and highly recommend it." Joyfully Reviewed says, "NIGHT SPELL is an erotic adventure with unique storylines and fascinating characters. This trio of stories is sexy, edgy and unique. It's very well done."

And last of all, Lee Hyat at Author Sound Relations has posted a very fun interview with me. Thanks, Lee! Don't you think my pony is beautiful? Check out the interviews with the other Aphrodisia authors while you're there!

Lucinda Betts *~* www.LucindaBetts.com
PURE SEX, Kensington, Aphrodisia--out now!
NIGHT SPELL, Kensington, Aphrodisia--out now!
MOON SHADOW, Kensington, Aphrodisia--March 2007

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hot Contest Soon Ending

I don't normally post my contests around, but thought I would share that my Operation G-Spot contest is nearly up on my newsletter site. Up for grabs is a G-Spot Holiday Basket perfect for stimulating both your mind and body...and that of your partner or partners, too, of course!! Also, if you haven't had the opportunity to check out one of my books yet, you'll be interested in the newly posted contest.

Check them out here: www.jodilynncopeland.com/contest.html.

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Chat with us at Joyfully Reviewed!

Hello all!

A bunch of us Aphrodisia Authors are doing an online chat at Chatting_With_Joyfully_Reviewed@yahoogroups.com You'll have to sign on to their mailing list to participate. All times below are in US Eastern time. Hope to see you there!

10 – 12:
Celia May Hart
Sharon Page

12 – 2:
Lucinda Betts
Lacy Danes

2 – 4:
Kate Douglas
Susan Lyons

4 – 6:
Genie Davis
Vivi Anna

6 – 8:
Melissa Macneal
Bonnie Edwards

8 – 10:
Jodi Lynn Copeland
Devyn Quinn

Others: Kathleen Dante will make an appearance as her Internet behaves.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Guest blogging

Hey I'm guest blogging over at the History Hoydens today and Thursday. Come by and say hello!

Also, if you were at the Writerspace chat last night -- I didn't get your emails 'cause my email box was full (I know, I know). I have cleared it out, and have hopefully set the right notice to empty it as soon as I get the email transferred to my computer, but we shall see!

So please send your emails again!


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Monday, December 04, 2006

Win a Gift Certificate from Sharon Page--in time for the Holidays!

With the holidays around the corner, I'd like to let everyone know about my contest closing December 15, 2006:

Want to have a chance to Win a $100 Gift Certificate?

If you have signed up for either of my newsletters, you are already automatically entered. So if you are not signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Winner will be announced on the website (and by email). Winner will receive a gift certificate for $100 US from the store of their choice*, just in time for the holiday season.

Sign up at www.SharonPage.com. Go to either the Newsletter page or the Booksellers and Reviewers page to join.

*The retailer must sell e-gift certificates that enable me to process the transaction online and send the certificate by e-mail.

Please sign up for a chance to win!
With thanks from Sharon Page

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