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Friday, June 09, 2006

Pondering the HEA

I tend to be a person who moves around a lot, and changes jobs often. I get bored with life, or lonely because I'm single and if I keep moving or doing new things, being single isn't so bad. Now, it's important that you know I'm single because I choose to be. I could have aboyfriend if I wanted, but he wouldn't be a guy that made my heart pound or my insides melt. It would just be someone to spend time with. At times I think I'm willing to settle for that, at others, I want what I write about. I want a man that can get a reaction out of me. I want someone who makes my heart kick in my chest and my body eager.

But it's hard to find. It brings to mind that maybe not everyone has a partner, or mate out there. Maybe for some people HEA is being on their own, being independant, and doing what they really want to do.

I think that's why in a lot of my stories I don't put a HEA (Happy Ever After) . I'm fond of happy right now because it seems more realistic. Do readers want reality in their stories? I think if it's sone right, then there can be the perfect blend of reality and fantasy. I do think HEA is possible, but not always in the space of the story told. Sometimes a sequel is needed, somethign that shows that life, and romance and relationships son't always fall into the pattern of storytelling. That in life there is more than one conflict, and more than one happy ending before you reach the HEA.

What do you think?

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