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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The END!

Yay! I've now completed my sequel to Midnight Confessions (Mar/07) which is titled More Midnight Confessions (June/07). I am really delighted that the books will be out so quickly because they're so deeply connected.

And in a stroke of mad optimism, my novella (ROCK SOLID) is a connected story to both SLOW HAND in Pure Sex and my Midnight Confessions stories.

Ya see, Jared McKay in SLOW HAND has a bro' named Jake...Jake restores fine old homes...so, in ROCK SOLID in the BUILT antho (Aug/07 - another big YAY!)...he gets called to work on the mansion featured in Midnight Confessions...which happens to be a haunted bordello...where the ghosts have been telling some wild tales (eg).

Did I stop there? No. The heroine, Lexa, just happens to be a great-granddaughter of one of the ghostly couples...so, voila...connected characters, settings...equals hot, hot hot!

Hope you find something to like!

Thanks for coming!

Bonnie Edwards

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