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Sunday, July 16, 2006

What makes it sexy, for you??

Hi, You Aphrodisiacs!

This is my first post, and I'm pleased to be here! Will have my newly revamped website up and running soon, but meanwhile, I'd like to explore with you Hot Authors...what makes a book HOT for you? What do you most like to write--or read--in these Aphrodisia stories?

Since I wrote historical erotica for Black Lace, and have switched to contemp for this line, I've had to rethink a little! My November book, ALL NIGHT LONG, is a cruise ship romp--FUN story! Poor Lola gets jilted by her fiance onboard, and then finds out he's also maxed out ALL her plastic and run up horrendous bills before he's stayed behind in Aruba (with the "soul mate" he's just met)...so to pay off these debts, Lola becomes the Greek captain's love slave for the week!

What I enjoyed most about this story was having an international cast of men--a Brit concierge, a young cabana boy, the sexy Greek captain, and a Spanish security agent (who is the hero, in the end). Lots of variety there! And of course, what's not to love about being on a cruise?

And for Lola, owner of a business, being ANY man's slave was SO not her style. But gee, she learned to serve! ; )

Question: I've always enjoyed girl-girl scenes because I think they're edgy, and sexy (way sexier than guy-guy scenes)
but my editor nicely asked me not to include that in my next Aphrodisia title because we're targeting a female readership.
Do you agree with this?? Have your editors said anything about it?

Just curious! Interested in what you ladies have to say!

Melissa MacNeal

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