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Friday, July 28, 2006

Writing in from National

It's Friday night and I'm in my hotel room drinking wine and watching episodes of The Big Valley, my now not-so-secret vice. More on them another day. I'd be watching a movie, but they cost a small fortune to rent for 24 hours, so forget that. So glad I packed my DVD.

Why aren't I out partying? Well, a) I am a shy wee thing (believe it or not); and b) we had our publisher party this morning -- at breakfast -- and tonight is publisher party night (we Kensingtonites just had to be different!); and c) I'm all socialized out. It happens.

Anyway, I just wanted to write in and say hi and hope you're enjoying the fun over at our Yahoo! group (see link in post below) and I also just wanted to say how great it was to finally meet all my fellow authors! I'd met Bonnie Edwards and Susan Lyons before, but I got to sit with Kate Douglas and Lacy Danes at breakfast; met Rachelle Chase and Renee Alexis at two different workshops that my editor was at, met the amazing threesome of "Shameless" women, and I don't remember all their pseudonyms (oops), but I am speaking of Delilah Devlin and co. I'm sure I met more but I'm now blanking. Must be the wine.

A Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc, if you must know.

I think I shall post about The Big Valley boys when I get back. Right now, it's back to fantasyland with them. Yummy yum yum.

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