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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hunk Day ... Whipped Cream Without the Hunk

Wednesdays seem to be hunk day but ... well, Monday was my hunk day and I posted my hunk here.

No, today I'm working hard on completing The Sin Club, my manuscript that's due August 31st. Given the fact that it's an erotic romance, you'd think that my mind would be full of hunks, wouldn't you? Surprisingly, it's not.

Instead, my mind is overflowing with caffeine. Probably because I've been consuming it by the gallon to burn the midnight oil.

Which made me fantasize about my trip to Paris in May where I fell in love ...

With the cafe viennois -- which is another way of saying a dollop of espresso with a half a cup of creme chantilly.

Is that coffee to die for or what?

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