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Friday, October 06, 2006

THE COP is out.

WHoo Hooo! Who likes a hot book with a drool worthy cover? I DO!!!

Check this one out.


My story in THE COP is SEX AS A WEAPON. *grin* and this is what Annmarie at Joyfully reviewed has to say about it.
"Ohhhhhh Sasha White has written a deliciously sexy tale in her novella, Sex As A Weapon! I am not normally a big fan of novellas but Sasha White proves it can be done well. Not only is the plot fully developed, the characters are well rounded and believable. And the sex...the sex will make you squirm! I did say it was delicious didn't I? Sex As A Weapon is a lip biting, knee clenching, heart pounding erotic ride that will leave you begging for another go around!"

Here's the Blurb:
A novella within THE COP anthology from Kensington Aphrodisia.

Cop Kane Michaels wants the Risque Robber, and he's followed the beautiful thief's trail to the city's hottest bondage club.
Finding his footing in this new world means trusting the mysterious and seductive bar manager. Now, with a stranger as a guide, one cop's about to explore his forbidden fantasies and discover that trust it the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Also, Don't forget Alyssa Brooks and Renee Alexis have hot stories inthis antho as well...and reviews for the complete book are saying the book is well worth picking up.

Wateena at Coffeetime Romance has given it 5 Cups and says:
"Illicitly hot and highly entertaining, The Cop is a fabulous trilogy that goes from barely legal to criminal. Each tale is uniquely written with fascinating characters and a refreshing plot. Cleverly penned these stories entertain, titillate and mesmerize creating the illusion you are fully involved. Absolutely outstanding these stories compliment each other in a way that makes this book a true treasure."

Check it out, and let us know if it makes you drool! ;)

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