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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've Been Exposed

As Kate said in her last post, I don't get to come on here too often. Deadlines. Kids. Life in general. They all seem determined to stop me from blogging and chatting. I finally put the latest manuscript (Body Moves - out in late 07 from Aphrodisia) to bed early this month. And then I received the wonderful news that my November 28 of 06 release, Operation G-Spot, has been included in the Holiday Issue of Vibe Vixen magazine. As exposure goes, that certainly sounds great to me! :)

G-Spot is included as 1 of 12 steamy reads to pick up this holiday season. Here is a peek at the feature page...

If you're interested in reading about all of the 12 suggested reads, you can pick up a copy of Vibe Vixen at Borders and similar bookstores, or check out their website for more information: VibeVixen.com.

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