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Saturday, January 13, 2007

INFERNO awarded Desert Isle Keeper Status

From All About Romance...

Grade A
Desert Isle Keeper

"As the title implies, Inferno is utterly hot! It is a steamy story, well-told and masterfully peopled with Vivi Anna’s complex characters. Although I haven’t read Hell Kat, I had no problem at all following the plot of this one. Vivi Anna does a great job of weaving the threads of the original story and of Kat and Hades’ history into this tale, still, I can’t stand not knowing all the sultry little details, so I am picking up a copy of the original story and waiting with baited breath for the next installment. This is simply a great book. I am definitely looking forward to Kat’s further dark adventures." - Beverly

I'm extremely pleased with this review, as AAR doesn't give out many DIK. Actually they give out very few. And even less to erotic romance.

So needless to say...I'm walking on air!

Also, they conduct an annual reader's poll there every year. It's going on right now. So you want to submit a ballot for your favorite romances of 2006, go on over there and do so. Make your voice heard.

They have the interim results up and Inferno has made the list in several categories. Best Erotic Romance, best kick-ass heroine, best heroine, best couple, and best alternate romance. Very cool indeed!!

Check it out at AAR.

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