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Monday, January 29, 2007

Wow, Harriet Klausner reviewed me!

I am astonished and amazed! Amazed and astonished! Well, I suppose it was bound to happen, that the Harriet Klausner would review a romance of mine.

But still, I'm tickled pink.

Here's what she said about MADE FOR SIN, whose official release date is tomorrow:

"This is a terrific Regency romance that effortlessly merges erotica into its two subplots; starring a sister in each with the hunk they love. The siblings and their men are fully developed while the support cast, mostly two spouses of soldiers, enhances the tale by better understanding the life of a fighting man...sub-genre readers will appreciate this hot historical."

I found it on her archive and a few other indices... You can find the link on my website, which I've finally updated.

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