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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Five Ways to Make Her Valentine's Day Hot

Okay, I'm cheating and reposting this from my blog ... but it's timely and maybe someone here has a guy who's struggling with what to do for Valentine’s Day. If so, here are five ways he can make your day hot … and fun! Simply print this out, circle the one you want, and give it to him. How easy is that? :-)

1. Tease Her

Send her on a treasure hunt. Give her cards in sealed, numbered envelopes, each containing instructions for the next place to go to find her treasures. Hide gifts in the house. Or have pre-purchased gifts waiting at various stores in a mall. At the end of the hunt, the last envelope should lead her to you, where you’ll be waiting with the best treasure of all.

2. Entice Her

Give her a homework assignment to go to a bookstore, buy a romance book, highlight a scene that appeals to her, and give it to you the weekend before Valentine’s Day. You’ll pick up all the props, set the stage, and put the ball in motion for the two of you to act out her fantasy.

3. Seduce Her

Pretend it’s your first date. Buy her an outfit and lay it on the bed. Write a card telling her to wear it and where to meet you for your very first date. Let the innuendos fly as you get to know each other over dinner at your favorite restaurant – or where you first met, then experience that first thrill of desire with an after-dinner slow dance.

4. Pamper Her

Have a candlelight dinner awaiting her when she gets home. Be there to greet her, dressed to impress, as you remove her coat. Pleasant conversation and teasing glances prevail. Afterwards, run her bath, giving her time to soak while you change clothes – a thong or nothing at all. Then, bathe her, wrap her in a towel, and lead her to bed. Candles, flowers, and soothing music fill the bedroom. Caress her body with edible body dust or the oil from a soy-based massage candle.

5. Entertain Her

Show her a side of you she rarely sees. If your every day look consists of jeans and a t-shirt, don a suit and tie. If you always tell her you love her, it’s time to put it in writing - write a letter telling her all the things you love about her. If you’re a planner, do something spontaneous. If you’re rarely affectionate in public, shower her with affection.

Well, those are my five. Anyone got any other ideas or romantic plans for Valentine's Day?


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