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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just got my author copies!

OMG! My author copies of Flesh and the Devil are here!! I can't believe the day has arrived when I'd be holding my first NY pubbed book. I'm so thrilled. I mean, I knew it would happen. I signed contracts and got paid, went through copy edits and galley. But it never seemed "real", just some surreal fantasy I'd wake up from when the moment of release arrived. But a huge box of books arrived and they're mine. I can pick it up, hold it and say "I wrote this book!" What a totally awesome feeling.

For those who have yet to sample some Flesh , here's a link to the first two chapters of my steaming hot southern gothic vampire tale. Enjoy!


Don't forget to register for my March Madness contest and a chance to win a copy of Flesh and the Devil.

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