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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Starting a new book...

I sat down this morning to start a new book in my Wolf Tales series, and realized I've reached a point I never imagined would actually come--this is Wolf Tales VI, the last novel in my contracted series (so far!) and one that seemed so far away when I first signed my name on the dotted line. This has been a most amazing year for me, starting each new story with only a hint of what was to come. I've always been a "pantster," which means my synopsis is nothing more than something I send to my editor before the characters start me off on yet another new ride. This upcoming book, for instance, was supposed to be the continuation of Adam Wolf and Eve Reynold's story--they will be introduced in the novella, Chanku Destiny coming out sometime in 2008. Suddenly I had a new character appear--Mei Chen. She, like Eve, was raised in foster care but her life has taken a decidedly unhappy turn and she is now homeless. Once Mei showed up, I realized she carried secrets none of my other Chanku would understand, and I'm still not sure how they'll be resolved. That, of course, is why I love my job! There's always a surprise, always a twist, something whispered in my ear that leads me astray. I never realized just how much fun it would be, to have the chance to follow those wonderfully mysterious voices. In fact, I think they're calling me now!

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