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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Getting Tagged!

So Bonnie Edwards tagged me. But I'd already been tagged! I thought I'd untagged myself, but rats, I hadn't.

But I like the idea of listing 8 random facts about me, so I'm going to play anyway...

1) My favorite colors are pink and green. I especially like them together.

2) I think the American Quarter Horse is the finest animal ever honed by humans (but throroughbreds are the ultimate eye candy--aside from the men able to ride them).

3) My roses are currently covered in aphids and I need to spray them.

4) I only use organic pesticides on my roses and lawn.

5) I loathe tuna fish, unless its swimming in the sea.

6) I use a Mac.

7) I use to many !!! when I write, and I always have to edit them out.

8) One of these days, I'd like to figure out the secret language of fireflies. (I think its already been done, but still...)

Okay, Dawn Thompson and Devyn Quinn, we're in an upcoming anthology together. Let's see you do the same! Rachele Chase, why don't you join in the fun! I dare you! (See what I mean about the !!?)

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