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Monday, June 04, 2007

THE SUPPLICANT Gets 4 Stars from RT!

Hi Group:

In this morning's mail I found my copy of RT Book Reviews, and in it was a review of THE SUPPLICANT, by August release. Kristi Ahlers gave it four stars! Yey! Noelle Mack, Kate Douglas, and an anthology with Sunny, Jami Alden and Valerie Martinez also fared very well. Kensington must be very pleased with us today!


Here is the review:

Erotic Romance (Fantasy)
Lucinda Betts
4 Stars (yey!)

Betts once again brings to life her incredible imaingination and blends it together with a fantastical make-believe world and interesting and dynamic characters. Sureya and Kalief are strong in their own ways, and yet they complement each other. Sureya's awakening to her sensual self makes this an explicit read. Fans of the fantasy/erotic genre will be very pleased with this offering.

Summary: Sureya is a humble servant girl and nanny to a family she loves. But when the second sun appears in the sky this young girl's life is going to change in ways she never imagined. It is up to her, as the Supplicant, to save a kingdom and its ruler. To gain her power, she must enter the world of physical pleasure, and the only man who can satisfy her is King Kalief. Together they reach the heights of pleasure, while facing untold danger.

Kristi Ahlers

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