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Friday, July 06, 2007

A First Review!

I don't often share reviews, other than snippets on my website and sometimes in my newsletter, but I have been super anxious to see some feedback on Body Moves. Two stories make up Body Moves and both are closer to my heart than any other story I have written for Aphrodisia, or probably any of my publishers.

Of course, putting my heart on the line means opening myself up to potential hurt when readers don't get it and reviewers outright hate it. After releasing a couple dozen books and getting back hundreds of reviews, my skin has tended to thicken enough to ignore the really bad reviews. But still I know if they are there and still I wonder how might I make those readers like my next book?

The answer for most is that I can't make them like what they don't, and changing my style isn't worth it. So for now I'll continue to do my best to ignore them and adore those who do get my writing.

As for that first review of Body Moves, here is a snippet from Candy Cay of Coffee Time Romances:

“Ms. Copeland has done a fantastic job captivating her readers with her wonderful writing. Yummy, delicious and erotic are only a few words to describe this story. Be prepared to be panting heavily...it will definitely knock your socks off.”

Thanks so much, Candy! You made my day complete. :)

~ Jodi

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