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Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello? Is anybody out there?

Hi, I'm Kate Pearce and this is my first post on the Aphrodisia authors blog. I don't think I'm even on the sidebar yet! Not only is this my first post, but I'm also anticipating the publication of my first Aphrodisia title next February,"Simply Sexual" an erotic Regency romance. I don't even have a cover to show you yet, but as soon as I do, you'll be seeing it!

To be honest, I'm still a little overwhelmed by the fabulous authors who already write for Aphrodisia. The first book I read from the line was Kate Douglas' "Wolf Tales I." After I picked my jaw off the floor, I emailed Kate to tell her how fantastic her book was, little dreaming that one day, a year later, I'd be emailing her to tell her that I was going to be an Aphrodisia author too!

Everyone has been very welcoming and I know that as soon as I see that first cover, I'll really believe its going to happen. I understand that I'm not alone and that this happens a lot for new authors, so I suppose I'll eventually get over my awe and sense of being an impostor :)

I'll finish with a bit about me. I'm originally from the UK. I moved to the San Francisco Bay area with my husband and 3 boys in 1998 where a 6 year wait for our green cards (and the birth of my daughter) gave me the opportunity to stay at home, learn about American culture (it took me 2 years to work out that you could put outgoing mail into your mailbox as well as collect it) and finally write a romance novel.

It would be lovely to say I sold that one straight off and went on to instant fame and fortune but sadly it was not to be. I gave myself a 5 year deadline to get published and accomplished my goal in the eleventh month of the fifth year after 40/50 rejections and 5 manuscripts. I sold an erotic Regency to Ellora's Cave and realized I loved writing really sexy edgy stories. Since then, I've sold more to EC and 2 contemporary erotic romance novels to Virgin 'Cheek'.

I'm still waiting for the fame and fortune but I'm not complaining...Three publishers keep me busy and I love my job so much I can't imagine doing anything else! My Aphrodisia books center on two very interesting Regency rakes who spent several years of their young lives as slaves in a Turkish brothel, (and not in a good Princess and harem kind of way). The books explore the impact on their sexuality and their choices after they return to England-and of course feature the women, and men, who complete and redeem them.

I'm looking forward to contributing to this blog and hearing about other readers reactions to the amazing variety of books the Aphrodisia authors write.
Off for a nice cup of tea now! (something I failed to find at RWA this year)

Kate x

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