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Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's The Little Things...

Today is special, the first of many days you will see this blog bursting with author insight, antics, comings and goings, new releases, contests, and plenty of other stuff. And so for this very special day I had composed a post about the point at which my writing went from an oyster to a pearl and back again. But then my husband called as I was about to put up that post, and told me that just down the road someone was selling a play structure my almost two-year old daughter has been eying for days now. So instead of posting, we hopped in the truck, went down the road and bought her new play structure. And my daughter had the simple, glee-filled response that lit up the entire evening in a way not even the fireworks exploding overhead could accomplish. And so today's post is a simple one about the little things in life that make it truly worth getting out of bed every day.

Some of my little things are:
What are some of your little things? Those simple things that fill you with warmth and leave you smiling long after afterward (okay, so the beer doesn't fill me warmth for a long time, but I do really enjoy it on a hot day *G*)? Because I really do want to know, I will give you incentive to share, and select a random winner from those who comment to receive a book of their choice from my backlist.

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