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Monday, July 02, 2007

Lacy Danes... The Five Senses

Hi All!
Lacy Danes here. A little bit about me…

I signed with A back in October of 2005. My first book WHAT SHE CRAVES released in March of this year. Took along time from sale to release! I have a novella, KISS OF THE DRAGON, in the SEXY BEAST III anthology that releases in September 2007 as well as another single title called ANIMAL LUST that will release in March of 2008.

I write historical, historical paranormal, and contemporary paranormal, erotic romance. Phew… that was a mouth full.

What I love about writing this genre is the attention to the 5 senses. Smell, Sound, Sight, Taste, and Touch.

Watching two lovers make love…seeing their arms and legs shake and quiver as pleasure is sought and captured, feeling that same trembling against your own limbs as you provide that pleasure and seize you own. The smell of your lover, of sex and cunny overwhelming your senses, and the sounds…moaning, whimpering, groans, the sharp intake of breath as sensations overload, skin rubbing and wet wet wet…

It is all amazing, rich, sensual, sexy… Mmmmmm.

That is why I write what I write… I love all those sexy details that flood the pages of erotic romance. Since I started writing this genre, I am much more aware of all those details in life. In ways I feel writing erotic romance has made me appreciate and savor more sensations than I had before I began my journey. Though I was always a bit of a sensation lover! Grin.

Why do you like to read Erotic Romance? Why do you enjoy writing it?

Hugs and Kisses,

PS.I am also Blogging over at The Spiced Tea Party today... come on by and say hi!

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