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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My personal highlights from National

Hello everyone! I know, long time, no post. So long, in fact, that I just had to convert my old blogger username into the new one.

Anywho, for me, the highlight of RWA National is what happens before it. Every year, the Beau Monde chapter (which is for those who write in the Regency period), hosts its own conference in the same hotel. We start early in the morning (breakfast) and after taking a break for the Literacy Signing, we finish up late with our Soiree.

This year, I got to give a talk about "Sex During the Regency", which was both prurient and scholarly. Which means, not only did I display pics in my powerpoint slides that were, shall we say, frank, I also had lots of research from the local university library on sexuality to share.

But the absolute highlight?

The Soiree -- the conference organizers had hired a contra dance troupe (which is American-style apparently) and a whole bunch of men came along!!!! This is the first time we've had more than two males in the room (and one of them is Sir Reginald, one of the authors cross-dressing --- although I must say she does it very very well) -- so it was really nice to dance with someone taller than me.

Also, I did not manage to trip over the hem of my extremely long gown, although I stood on it a couple of times...

I blogged National over at my own blog

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