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Sunday, July 22, 2007

News and Stuff from Deanna Lee

Good afternoon all!

Yesterday I totally had a plan about what I would blog about, today not so much. It's interesting how yesterday's great idea is today's "blah". I have plenty of great things to blog about...

My life is full. I have my writing, my publishing company (which wouldn't be nearly as much fun and rewarding without my business partner, Sable Grey), a very supportive husband, an arrogant (and yes spoiled) dog, and we're currently planning and certainly putting forth our best effort in the reproductive process.

I published for the first time in 2004 and that filled a hole in me that I hadn't realized was there. It's interesting how you can send your whole life writing (since I was 12) and not fully grasp how important validation is until you're sitting on top of it. Validation comes in spades these days. I've got 2 releases upcoming with Kensington (the third in my gallery trilogy- currently titled EXPOSED and a novella in the very popular anthology series SEXY BEAST). BARENAKED JANE came out at the end of April and the response has been absolutely wonderful!

"The sex simply sizzles and it proves how in tune they are with each other both physically and emotionally. Barenaked Jane proves to be a very entertaining novel that delivers in all aspects, the interesting plot, the engaging characters, good pacing, realistic dialogue and Mercy making appearances."
5 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"The second book in a trilogy that began with UNDRESSING MERCY, BARENAKED JANE steams up the pages right from the start. Mathias and Jane are strong, stubborn characters, well fleshed out. The writing is seamless and sensual."
Jennell, RRTerotic Reviews

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Hope everyone has a great day!

Deanna Lee


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