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Monday, July 09, 2007

There's More to a Man Than His Eyes and Teeth

Up until recently, I thought I was a face girl. Give me a man with a beautiful pair of eyes framed by long lashes, along with a full set of soft, kissable lips, a sexy smile, and my heart – and other body parts – instantly melted.

Oh, sure, the guy’s body was important, but it’s his face that had always captured my attention first. Because it’s his face that I had to stare at 95% of the time during our interactions.

But, now, I feel a change in the air.

After reading Bonnie Edward’s blog about What is Sexy? and writing my guest blog titled I Need a Man – both at Naughty and Spice – I’ve been forced to admit the obvious.

That I’m becoming a total body girl – broad shoulders, rock hard abs, muscled thighs ... There is no body part that I won’t admire (though I will admit that feet are at the bottom of my list).

And, if that wasn’t enough, I fear that I’m becoming attracted to men in uniforms.

While walking down the street last week, a police officer stopped me. Was my heart racing because my mind was scrambling to determine which law I’d broken? Or was it racing because of the muscular body and flat stomach encased in the navy uniform? The authoritative hand-on-the-holster stance? Or the half-smile playing on his face and the mystery lurking behind the sexy shades? When he asked me for my number, I decided that the law was not the source of my thrill.

Then, there are the men in motorcycle leathers. Now, until I bought a bike and started riding, I was completely immune to the appeal. But now, one glimpse of a muscled chest, back, or thigh encased in leather as a big, gleaming, bike passes by me and my heart does this odd little jump.

So is it just me – or do you find that what you once found physically attractive about a man is changing?

And while I have you thinking about men, please stop by the SEX LOUNGE Finding Derek CONTEST and check out the hunky guys competing to be Derek Mitchell, the hero of Sex Lounge. (And don’t forget to click on their photo #2s, as those are the somewhat risqué ones).


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