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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bits, Bytes, and Words

Last night, I attended Media Bistro’s Summer Fling Party at the Bubble Lounge, where 60+ editorial/design staff, full-time freelance writer/editors, TV/radio/newspaper reporter/anchor/producers, book publishing, and film industry professionals mixed and mingled.

As I sipped my first Rasmopolitan, I chatted with a freelance writer, discussing the daily challenge of mentally shifting from the freedom in writing to the rigidity and bureaucracy of the “day job.”

“I understand,” she said. “You enjoy the creativity of the right brain more.”

At first, I agreed. But, as I moved on to my second Rasmopolitan, I realized that wasn’t quite true. Because I love using both sides of my brain. It’s the freedom of use that distinguishes the two. In the day job, I feel like my brain is in a box, confined to only think within the acceptable confines of policies, procedures, and egos. With writing, both sides of my brain are free to explore any idea and implement it.

In my day job, I focus on technology, but I’m limited in the ways I can apply it. But with writing – the promotion of me and my writing – the ways I can use technology are endless. Which is why I was excited by the whole “streaming” live-over-the-Internet concept when I launched my live talk show, “Chatting with Chase.” Or the automated email list management functionality when I discovered Constant Contact for my newsletter. And my latest passion, merging text, sound, animation, and graphics in videos, which I indulged recently when my friend Saeeda videotaped me 'finding Derek,' the hero of Sex Lounge, at Swig:'

So while I love giving my right brain free reign in the stories I create, I crave the use of the day job, left brain skills in the business side of writing. I think I’ll go grab another Rasmopolitan and think about this some more …

Rachelle Chase


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