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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Let's Celebrate Jodi Lynn Copeland!

Why? Because she rocks! Giving it 4 stars, this is what RTBook Reviews said about OPERATION G-SPOT:

Three women who have been denied the pleasure of a man-induced orgasm are out to get theirs in this seriously hot anthology. Copeland creates fabulously realistic characters…

And this is what RTBook Reviews said about AFTER HOURS--Copeland does a fantastic job of bringing the reader into the smoldering-hot scenes, with details that will have you reaching for a cold glass of water. The sexual chemistry between the characters in each tale is strong.

Her book BODY MOVES comes out in Oct and it has the most gorgeous cover. You want to know her web site? http://www.jodilynncopeland.com/

You can read an interview with her at http://romrevtoday.blogspot.com/2006/12/ask-five-withjodi-lynn-copeland-and.html

Her fans already knew she rocked. She's been wowing Ellora's Cave readers for a long time; now she's wowing Kensington readers.

She's really wowing her Aphrodisia sisters. Faced with scheduling demands that would bring the rest of us to pour knees, she finds time to organize our blog! She's fit all of us Aphro authors into monthly slots, not once but twice. She sends us monthly reminders, so we have no excuse for forgetting.

In short, she's showing us what her fans already knew—she rocks. Thanks so much for all your help, Jodi! Organizing our blog has to be as easy as herding ferrets (ask Devyn Quinn), and about as thankless.

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