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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lots Of Spanking

Now tell me, who does not love lots of spanking? Spanking brand new books and websites, that is! :)

I was trolling around BarnesandNoble.com and what did my wandering eyes see, but that the September books are already shipping! Guess I won't have to wait to dive in with The Lord Of The Deep, or drop by The Pleasure Palace for some sinful fun that I can only hope involves plenty of Sexy Beasts fighting over who gets to Touch Me first. Ah, the fantasies....

But of course when I am waiting for them to arrive I will be having a rolicking good time with the August books--Nicholas (AKA, holy hot bod!), Blood Rose, Built, and Ceremony of Seduction.

I haven't had the chance to read the August books yet, but if you have and need something else to pass the time while you wait for those smoking hot September releases to arrive, drop on by my spanking new Body Moves site and check out the happenings.

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