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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Straight Up or With a Twist?

Recently a fellow author friend was researching a publisher and asked if I'd flip through a few books to help her get an idea of the level of sensuality and word style before she submitted. As a writer I'm always curious about what other writers are doing and ideas to improve my craft, so I agreed. 

Several stories used the frank terms I'm accustomed to reading in erotic romance. A few other tales had a slightly more colorful, say we say purple, style of description.

I will admit one line about "her acquiescing thighs" has certainly remained in my memory. 

But, my point isn't to knock any author's work or writing style, but made me wonder at such a dramatic differences in one house and what readers think.  

Which do you find sexier straight language/"dirty talk" or rich, sensual descriptions or a combination?

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