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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting Organized

So is it the curse of every writer out there that you can't find anything, ever?

I am madly hunting down my iPod charger, just so I can sync my iPod with my computer (oh, and recharge it) and I cannot find it anywhere. I found my spare charger, but it doesn't come with a cord. Grr.

I found my 3-hole punch that I had given up finding months ago and had finally bought a new, cheapie one last week.

About this time last year, I packed up my office into boxes. I sorted the magazines into one piles, books into sundry other piles and the space actually looked habitable. I had 12 boxes to start with, and I have 6 boxes left to go through.

I am heading out to the Georgia Romance Writers "Moonlight and Magnolias" conference next weekend, so I declared last night (after 3 days looking for this iPod charger -- and I've tried positive thinking and prayer -- I don't think my backbrain even subconsciously knows where it is) that the house was getting a complete cleanout when I got back (nothing like putting it off for another weekend). When I'm done emptying my study boxes, one will be hubby's stuff, one will be books and the rest is getting either filed or tossed. I'm aiming for tossed. If I haven't needed it for almost a year. That's got to tell you something.

Meanwhile the detritus on my desk has been magically restored -- and I have an excuse for about every piece of paper about why it's not somewhere else.

So desperate author seeking more organized heads... what do you do to stay organized, or can you relate?

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