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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Romance and Marriage...the HEA

My husband and I are coming up to a "significant" wedding anniversary and I cannot fathom the speed of time. We are back to having no children underfoot or even living in the same town!

It's just him and me...looking at each other across the dinner table, slipping between the sheets every night, hearing the myriad sounds of one other person in the house.

We used to be run off our feet busy, the kids, jobs, kids, upkeep on a house, kids. Then we even took in a third teenage girl who needed a stable place to hang in while she finished high school. I'll never forget that we looked at each other and said simultaneously that we needed to help her. That we needed to offer her a home. I didn't have to ask him, I didn't have to state a case, or try to convince him. His heart is huge, and he knew as well as I did that we couldn't stand by and do nothing.
Did I mention busy? (I won't even mention the morning showers being made of ice shavings...they refused, each of them...to go with warm water as opposed to hot!) My husband took to showering at night just to avoid the hassle. Did he whine? Yell? No, he just left them to it.

But always, underneath it all, we were a team. He would cook, clean, chauffeur while I was writing. I'd cook, clean, chauffeur while he was working. (Oh, squeeze in a little writing in the middle of all that.)

We've made it past all those dangerous times when marriages can fail. Young children add stress to marriages, we made it through. (Thank our Friday night dates.) We moved cross country to land in a town with no jobs. Made it through. Raised our children. (hallelujah, no police records!) Got'em through college. (Thank YOU Granny & Grampa!)

Through it all, we went for walks, long walks, held hands, snuggled together on the sofa. Laughed at each other's jokes.

He held me when I had so many writing rejections, I had to go into a second filing drawer...but that's another story.

This isn't about me, today. It's about "us".

My husband: not perfect, but wonderful. Me: absolutely not perfect, but never boring. (Poor guy never knew what he'd walk into when he came home) We are in those years now where our children are happy, productive, adults. They are a source of pride, no doubt, but I look at my man and know beyond a doubt, we'll be old together.

And that my friends, is why I write romance. Because above all else, I believe in happy endings.

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