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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sexy Beast, ETC

So the cover for Sexy Beast IV came in the mail with my edits last week!

My story in the anthology is called Abundance. Here's a little blurb about it:

Kayla Michaels, daughter of General Augusta Michaels, is bound for an arranged marriage on Fourth Colony when the ship carrying her is attacked and her stasis pod is ejected during the melee.

She awakens on a small jungle moon aptly called Abundance. It is uncolonized and had been deemed uninhabitable by New Earth long before she was ever born. With her pod damaged beyond repair and the locator beacon offline, she realizes that she is on her own. The relief of escaping the arranged union is dampened only by her somewhat dire circumstances.
Jude Aroca is the son of a human scientist and the leader of the native population of the Yaw on Abundance. The arrival of a human female on his world is a violation of the peace treaty New Earth signed nearly thirty-five years before. The humans promised to leave the small jungle moon alone in exchange for technology.

Now there is a human woman in his jungle... and she’s wrecking havoc with all of his senses. No woman—none among his own kind—had ever smelled so perfect, so right. The beast he carries inside of him, a gift from his cat-shifter father, agrees.
* * * *
This is the first shifter I've ever written and I was very excited to participate in the anthology with Kate and Dawn. The release date is March 2008. I also have a novel coming out in April of next year. I'll post about it soon!

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