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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Distractions and Beyond

Honesty time. I didn't have a clue what I was going to write about once I'd logged on. Yep, I could do a promo for my novella Restraint in the Bound to Ecstasy novella that'll be out in a few days, but I'm going to let the cover do the work for me. I could also talk about Night Fire, a Dec release, but think I'll let the cover speak for it the next time I blog.

For now--truth is, I'm scrambling like crazy to make a short deadline so I can get into the 08 Sexy Beast anthology. Talk about signing the contract and getting at the writing all in a rush. Not much over a month ago, my agent emailed to say that my editor wanted to discuss a multi-book contract. Oh yes, that got my attention and would stll have my attention if life hadn't hit me upside the head. As a result, I'm writing at some of the oddest minutes, trying to keep the plot and characters straight and more than a little grateful that Night Scream doesn't have to be more than 30,000 words.

So you better be asking, why can't Vonna keep nose to the grindstone aka get lost in a hot plot about a shape-shifting hero and a heroine in need of a shrink and some sex, not necessarily in that order?

Life. Specifically an 89 year old mother. A mother just getting over a UTI (urinary tract infection) which caused her to become dizzy which contributed to six falls in 48 hours which led to a broken ankle which led to four days in the hospital which has led to an unwanted stint in a nursing home with no end in sight.

Life and love has stripped me raw. There isn't much left over for my fictional people's emotions once I've had to watch my mother trying to feed herself and look into eyes that don't truly look back. UTIs can do awful things to the elderly like stealing their intellect. That's what's happened to Mother. My sister and I can only wait to see if she comes back, at least enough that she can return to her assisted living apartment.

Things have fallen into a rhythm with her which means I take a chunk of time every day to go see her, but I'm no longer trying to figure out what happened to her mentally and physically as I did for endless days and nights. Now I wait for her to heal. If she can.

Patience and acceptance, I'm convinced, led to something wonderful happening yesterday. I was pounding out one word at a time with my characters playing unenthusiatic touchy feely while engaged in a conversation that wasn't going anywhere. I had several plot points I needed to make before writing 'the end' but was floundering because I didn't know how to get there. The plot was lineal and the characters weren't growing. Aarg!
Then, most likely bored to tears with me, the hero decided to throw a monkey wrench into the plot by doing a 180 in his approach to the situation. Thank you, Tohon, thank you! Now the story is multi-layered and the consequences deeper. The clock ticks. And I'm determined to keep up.

Today I'm writing because the passion has returned. I love Tohon and Amy as I haven't since the beginning and the plot ain't so bad after all. I'll face tomorrow tomorrow.



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