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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Erotica in Foreign Parts

Are spicy books “hot” in other countries? I’ve heard sales of Aphrodisia titles are great in Australia, but what about countries where English isn’t the first language?

We’ve had a few foreign sales among the Aphro authors. I just got author copies of the Brazilian edition of “Hot in Here” – which, in Portuguese is “Brincando com Fogo” – i.e., “Playing with Fire.” Didn’t they do a great job with that classy chocolate cover? And embossing, no less! By the way, can you count the hands? Yes, there are four male hands, if you look really closely and sneak a peek under the title banner (hint, he’s cupping her left boob!). Interestingly, the book is about one-third the length of the English version. Wonder what they left out???

In Germany, “Champagne Rules” is published by an imprint of Random House under the title “Haut wie Samt” (“Skin Like Silk”). It’s a great cover too. To my delight, a writer friend who was just in Germany says the books are being sold at traveler rest stops along the Autobahn. Stop for gas, a pee, buy a bottle of water and hey, why not pick up a little erotic romance too?

What do you think of the covers, compared to the original US ones? I think they’re all great – the cover fairies around the world are good to me.

It’s so much fun when these foreign editions turn up on my doorstep. I can’t read a word – and that’s probably just as well because I’d stress out over the translations and edits – but I do love to think of people in foreign countries picking up my books, in their own language.

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