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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Falling into Autumn

Well, it's here, the time of year I enjoy most. The colors change, the days arrange themselves into a pattern of cloudy mornings and sunny patches in the afternoon. Life in the Pacific Northwest. The days are shorter, though, which can be a bummer...until you realize that candlelight and scent on your mantel is cozy and sexy....

I've had a sunny spot in the writing life this week. After being on bookstore shelves since January 2006 the very first Aphrodisia anthology, THE HARD STUFF (Moi, Karin Tabke and Sunny) has gone back to print for a fourth print run. Incredible!
And just because I love our Green Man so much I'm posting the cover again:

Is he not hot?!

The lighting, the shadows on his muscles...the bit of stubble on his great chin.
It's no wonder that when Aphrodisia first hit the shelves, this cover made it to television! Those were heady days: Geraldo at Large, CNBC's On the Money...for starters. Then the smaller markets joined the rush: Boston, Buffalo...then the newspapers joined in, too.
And here we are all these months later with Aphrodisia going stronger than ever...life is good...and I'm off to burn some candles...some nice earthy Autumn scent. Something warm, sexy...

What do you do to enjoy the longer nights closing in? (some folks are still cuddling up with our Green Man. Thank you!)

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