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Friday, October 19, 2007

Puzzling promo question

I've been pondering this one for a while. I have a book out in December (ONE MORE TIME), which is being billed as a time travel (in addition to being an erotic historical), only there are more paranormal elements in this than just a time travel. Er, it gets quite mythical in fact.

So I am most definitely putting it in the paranormal category, but what about these other paranormal elements? What is more important to the reader? That they know they're getting a paranormal fix at some level or to be spoiled (hey, i t's a huge plot twist) and know exactly what paranormal stuff is in store?

That is what I'm pondering this week. Although that's not why I was so late today. No, today I've been handwashing, going to the bank, picking up prescriptions waiting for the gas and electric company to come out and check a gas leak. Turns out someone's been spraying beaucoup buckets of pesticide and it all drifted in my front door. No wonder the smell of it made me ill.

Ah, the glamor of a writer. Probably a post I should have saved for another day, but this one seems awfully short just asking about paranormal stuff without giving away my ending!

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