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Friday, October 12, 2007

Redeeming the Darkest Vampires...

Posting a little early as I'll never get on the computer tomorrow :-)
Some cool news from me—I’ve just sold the third book in my "Blood" vampire series. This one doesn’t have a title, but I’m going to tell the stories of Zayan and Lukos, and answer the question: Can the darkest vampires be redeemed by love?

I’ve had a hard time getting online lately—with the back to school rush, work, deadlines, and everything else, I’ve missed my blog day the last couple of months. So it’s nice to be organized enough to be here. And with Halloween coming up, I thought I’d post an excerpt from my latest release Blood Rose and an unedited glimpse at Book 3!

From Blood Rose:

She spied the ropes hanging from the bedposts and stared at them, her arms crossed over her chest. Strangely, her pinched lips only made her more sensually enticing. He fought the urge to yank off her bonnet, rip out her pins, drop to his knees, and make her come with his mouth.

"These girls are your favorites?"

Had Ma Bellamy said that? Drake hadn’t noticed. Was that what had made Miss Lark look so bloody prim? "I pay them—but after I realized how much I adore you, I stopped rutting with them."

"Really?" Her voice gave no hint of how or if his declaration affected her. "It’s no crime for a gentleman to be promiscuous."

"I’m not a gentleman, remember?"

"Have you ever whipped them?"

"Do you know what I want, Serena?" He saw her little jolt of surprise because he had again used her Christian name. He had sucked the delicious juices from her climaxing cunny, but what stunned her was the use of her first name. "I would want you to whip me."

"Why would you want me to inflict pain, Mr. Swift?"

The governess had returned—cool, composed, the perfect servant who would accept any bizarre, scandalous, ridiculous thing he said and carry on regardless.

"But you sorely want to, don’t you, Serena? Don’t you strap naughty boys who misbehave?"

She crossed her arms beneath her lush breasts. "I do not believe in corporal punishment."
"You’ve never spanked a charge? I find that hard to believe."

He grinned as a little smile came to her lips—a crack in her cool demeanor, a wry smile that changed her from perfect servant to human woman.

"It leads to escalation, Mr. Swift. What do ten lashes of the strap lead to? Twenty, I assure you. A child will push boundaries, and then what is a governess to do? Keep making worse and worse threats? And once a threat is issued, it must be acted upon. Children know at once when they have taken control."

"So you wouldn’t spank me in punishment."

"You are a grown man, Mr. Swift."

"Would you spank me in fun?"

A blush. He’d expected her to blush, to be a little embarrassed. Instead, Serena walked calmly to the edge of the bed and picked up the whip. She curled her fingers around the grip, weighing it. "If I were to spank your bottom, Mr. Swift, I would be tempted to do it with the flat of my hand."
(© Sharon Page)

From the Next "Blood" Book, as yet untitled (very uneditted excerpt)
From the diary of Lady Hermione Chester, 12th April, 1820

There is nothing more exasperating than the sound of a woman in pleasure if that woman is not you, and there is very little hope that the woman will ever be you.

It is said, I think, that momentous journeys begin with the smallest impetus…

Well, perhaps it has been said only by me, but it sounds very well, so I shall use it as my motto, my mantra, my slogan for the campaign I am about to embark upon.

I am going to leave my home, travel to the wild northern lands of this country, and seduce a complete stranger.

Assuming I do not get lost, robbed, murdered, or do not lose my nerve and turn about and run home…
Now, back to me. I wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. It’s time to start thinking about costumes around here. My daughter doesn’t want to wear her cute lion costume this year, she is determined to be a witch. I suggested she wear the lion outfit, a witch’s hat, and she could drag around a wardrobe. Then she could be the "Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." She was not impressed.

How about you? Any ideas for Halloween? And what’s your favorite scary creature? Are you a vamp fan, a werewolf lover, or do you prefer ghosts, goblins, or maybe a hot looking pirate?

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