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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not so relaxing Thanksgiving...

So I knew things were bad when I stood at the door of my 14 yr old son's bedroom, consoling him from afar for the stomach bug/flu that had laid him low. He was the third member of the family to get sick and there was no way I was being all motherly and going over there and hugging him or anything. I was finally getting a break alone with my lovely husband without the 4 kids!

I came down into the kitchen and looked at my husband. "I'm going to be sick on our vacation. I just know it." Of course he told me not to be a pessimist-having brought the plague home with him, he was feeling a lot better.

Fast forward to Monday at the beautiful Enchantment Resort in Sedona Arizona, and I'm having a fabulous day, learning about vortexes and taking a train journey into the heart of Red Rock country, champagne, snacks and views to die for. In the evening, we had a beautiful meal at the spa restaurant and then I started to feel bad...

And boy, was I bad, I was up all night. Tuesday was a complete washout and we came home Wednesday. I saw a lot more of my hotel room than I expected and a lot less of the scenery :)

At home, everyone except Granny, who'd had a flu shot, was sick and Thanksgiving itself was really quiet-luckily I'd ordered all the food from Marie Callender's so I didn't have to cook!

Anyone else have any horrible holiday tales or was I just lucky this year?

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