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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Top 3 Promo Goodies?

As I begin thinking about how to get the word out about my second book, I've been pondering the question of which promo freebies readers prefer.

As a reader, I am always looking for new authors and new books from authors I already enjoy. I picked up some free items provided by authors from the goodie room at the last national RWA conference. I was selective because I only had one suitcase and I didn't want to waste authors' money by taking things I would toss. My top 3 preferred items were chocolate, books, and pens, in that order. I also went for calendars, playing cards, bookmarks, and cat food can lids. But, honestly, I can't tell you which authors or what books were being promoted on most of these (except for the playing cards which were Ellora's Cave). And I didn't buy any books based on these goodies. So are they really a good use of an author's limited promotional budget?

We're all readers here, so I thought I'd ask what your top 3 preferred goodies are. Have any goodies you've picked up ever led you to a new author or to a book you might not have tried otherwise?

Elizabeth Amber
erotic historical paranormal romance
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