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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blue Christmas...

As we chug inevitably toward the holiday season and the carols and happy songs invade our every moment, I have to stop and remind myself that not everyone's feeling the joy.

Everyone at some point, has a blue Christmas. The first year without a loved one, your college-age child votes goes to the "significant other's" home for the holidays. Maybe it's your first divorced holiday season. These are just the obvious reasons, there are many more, as individual as the people having them.

Some people say, "suck it up and pretend you're having a good time"...well, bah, to that. I think it's okay to acknowledge this is a blue holiday season this year and settle in to let it pass you by. But know as life does its thing and the wheels turn, that some day your season will brighten.

People talk about the traditions of the season as if they never change. But in truth, they've always changed. When I was a child, we had the standard gift opening in the morning with a heavy feast sometime in the early afternoon. As my siblings had their own families, our pattern changed. My parents and I visited from house to house to see all the children having their traditional days. That "tradition" lasted until I had my own children. Then the wheel of life moved along as it does and new traditions were born within our family.

It's the way it is...we miss those we love...we yearn for other days...

If you're feeling the chill of a life change this year, I say:
Throw a log on the fire (be it in an actual fireplace or just on a dvd), wrap yourself in a snuggly blanket, with a delicious, steaming drink at your elbow and settle in with a good book. (Aphrodisias are a great way to warm up an evening ;)

If you have a pet, you just know they'll understand the mood and settle in on your lap or at your feet.

Be kind to yourself...and have the Best Holiday Season you can!

And may 2008 bring health, happiness and fulfillment to you and yours!

Bonnie Edwards

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