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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays to all!

No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, I hope you had a terrific one! And if it's included in your tradition, I hope you got lots of gifts that you will truly enjoy and cherish, rather than just lots of gifts that will take up room in your closets :)

I'm sitting here cross-legged in my recliner drinking my hot tea in my jammies and trying to talk myself into jumping right back into my normal, and pre-holiday schedule. Which right now doesn't look too appealing...LOL. I think it would be much more fun to go back to bed and curl up beside my still-snoring and very warm hubby. Unfortunately, my ability to sleep all day evaporated many years ago, so now that I'm up, I'm up.

Anyway, I digress. (Hey, I haven't finished my first cup of tea yet, so I'm impressed I can even type!)

Every year around this time, I sit down and take a long hard look at my accomplishments over the last year, my happiness factor and my goals - both met and unmet. I don't really think of this as New Year's resolutions, but as more of a way to take stock and make sure I'm on the right track out of the gate in the new year.

So how did 2007 measure up?

It was both one of my best and hardest years, actually. It was my first year staying home to write full time, and plunging our household into a completely self-employed household. That has its definite rewards, which I will be thankful for in tax deductions, and I have already been thankful for in getting to set my own schedule and spending time with my son and husband! However, that also meant that I had to wean myself off the every two week paycheck, and learn to roll with the "when money comes in, we pay what we can and roll till the next check comes." I must admit, that part freaked me out until about May.

At the end of June - those lean summer months of my husband's business - I decided to sell Pampered Chef on the side, despite the fact that I don't cook. (Lucky for me, you don't have to to be successful!) Fortunately, I enjoy the interaction and yes, the extra income that brings in, and it's flexible enough that it doesn't take time away from my writing. (And I'll admit, it's actually gotten me to cook a few things with my new stuff...LOL)

On a writing front, my first book with Kensington, CEREMONY OF SEDUCTION, came out in August and is doing quite well. I wrote book two of the trilogy - VISIONS OF SEDUCTION - and I'm currently working on TRIANGLE OF SEDUCTION, which I wanted to finish by the end of the year, but is looking to eek over a bit into January. I attended RWA Nationals and accepted an RT Reviewer's Choice Award for INTO A DANGEROUS MIND, which was written under my other pen name. I also attended RWA Nationals and got to meet with my agent, Paige Wheeler, and my editor Audrey LaFehr (whom I had never met in person.) Not to mention, I got to attend the Kensington publishing party - where I'm glad to say I wasn't the only one gawking like a newbie - (A big thanks to Elizabeth Amber for gawking with me!) I taught my first online writing class this year and spoke at several different writing organization's events and attended twelve book signings and three writing conferences.

All in all, I'm happy with the year. And happy with the direction I'm moving in. I may not have met all my goals, like word count per week or finishing four books this year, but I'm content with where I find myself.

So, it's on to 2008! As for my specific 2008 goals? Ask me in a few weeks when I get them solidified :)

I'm looking forward to another year, and hope all of your are too! May we all exceed our goals, attain our dreams and live a happy and healthy 2008 :) That's what I'll be raising a glass to on the 31st!

Cassie Ryan

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