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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve and a plea for homeless books....

...and you CAN help!

Several of us have been informed that there are some free books out in the wild that need homes. We're hoping you can help!

The wonderful ladies at www.JoyfullyReviewed.com have accumulated extra copies of some of our books and we've come up with a solution to their plight.

Just make a comment here about your New Year resolution and the fabulous staff at Joyfully Reviewed will pick the winners. One for each topic. We're looking for:

The funniest resolution.
The most serious resolution.
The most health-aware. (Come on, we all need those...even if we hate 'em. Let's get creative here...we know folks need to quit smoking...so think sexy...and healthy - you can do it!)
The sexiest...
The most daring...
The most imaginative...
The best proof you love to read romance...
Reading-related resolutions...

Here's the list of books www.JoyfullyReviewed.com has to give away:

The Cop by Sasha White, Alyssa Brooks and Renee Alexis
Sexy Devil by Sasha White
Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber
Blood Red by Sharon Page
The Supplicant (2) by Lucinda Betts
Midnight Confessions by Bonnie Edwards
What She Craves
by Lacy Danes

Best of luck in finding a home for these lonesome books. And from us to you: May 2008 bring all your most-hoped-for dreams to life!

Bonnie Edwards

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