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Sunday, January 06, 2008

A blog about blogging

Today I want to blog about blogging. So many authors (along with everyone else in the world) is into blogging these days. I have a bunch of thoughts and questions for the authors who blog and the readers who visit blogs.

First, for the authors, why do you do it? To avoid writing? To write in a different way (e.g., sharing your thoughts rather than working on a novel)? To promote yourself and your work? To share yourself, with the idea that someone out there is actually interested?

And some questions for the readers. Why do you visit author blogs? If you’re a reader, why do you choose to read a blog rather than a book? What are you looking for? Do you want to hear about the blogger’s personal angst, her writing life, her thoughts about the business, her views on books, movies or politics?

That leads to the question, to what extent are authors honest and frank on their blogs? If an author says she’s twenty-nine and loves dogs, is that true or just what she thinks her fans want to hear? How can you trust anything you read on the internet? Or does anyone care whether what’s said in a blog is fact or fiction?

If you visit blogs, how often do you visit the same one? What does it take to keep you coming back? How often do you comment? What makes you comment? (I always feel sad when I look at an author’s blog and see “0 comments” over and over!)

Have you ever bought a book because you visited an author blog? If so, what prompted you to buy it?

Blogging and visiting blogs obviously cuts into writing and reading time. It’s a priority choice. Or, is it perhaps an addiction? Do you feel that you’re in control of your blog life, or is it in control of you?

Well, those are enough questions for now. I look forward to reading people’s comments.

But before I go, for those who like chatting as well as blogging, please join the Aphrodisia authors on Monday, January 7, at 9:00 EST when we’ll be chatting at WriterSpace (http://www.writerspace.com/). We chat there on the first Monday of each month, always have a fun and crazy time and love seeing so many readers there. We also give away great prizes!


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