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Monday, January 14, 2008

Married People Sex

Yep, the title is correct. Believe it or not, married sex has become a writing fetish of mine. Having been married for--let's just say I almost got the dust from Moses' march across the Red Sea--I realize that hot, steamy passion is thought to diminish over time. We are taught to expect this.

But why is that? Honestly, I can't live a life without passion. As long as I'm able to "use what my mama gave me" I will. And I refuse to have pitiful, dragging "married people's sex" in real life or in my character's lives. Why can't the sheets being on fire be the norm not the exception? Why does married sex and boring pop up on the word association game.

I write how I like living for the most part. There is always an element of "me" in every story. How miniscule or humongous it is, I won't tell, but I'm there. (I'm a big voyeur) So when there is an opportunity to put a fresh marital dating idea out there or situation or X_my choice here__ I seize it. As Tyra says, I become "fierce!"

Again why?

If I write it well, he will come...and come....and come.

Win win all the way around.

Peace out


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