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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A New Year!

Well, a new year always comes with changes and new challenges! I pride myself on being able to take change as it comes and move on quickly with new ideas as quickly as possible.

2008 promises to be a great year for me and I'm seriously excited to get started. I have two books coming out with Aphrodisia this year:

Sexy Beast IV, March 2008
Pre-order on Amazon: Sexy Beast IV --Ship Date February 26th

My novella in Sexy Beast IV is called "Abundance":

Kayla Michaels, daughter of General Augusta Michaels, is bound for an arranged marriage on Fourth Colony when the ship carrying her is attacked and her stasis pod is ejected during the melee.She awakens on a small jungle moon aptly called Abundance. It is uncolonized and had been deemed uninhabitable by New Earth long before she was ever born. With her pod damaged beyond repair and the locator beacon offline, she realizes that she is on her own. The relief of escaping the arranged union is dampened only by her somewhat dire circumstances.

Jude Aroca is the son of a human scientist and the leader of the native population of the Yaw on Abundance. The arrival of a human female on his world is a violation of the peace treaty New Earth signed nearly thirty-five years before. The humans promised to leave the small jungle moon alone in exchange for technology. Now there is a woman tearing around in the night only feet from his dwelling... and she’s wrecking havoc with all of his senses. No woman—none among his own kind—had ever smelled so perfect, so right. The beast he carries inside of him, a gift from his cat-shifter father, agrees.

Exposing Casey, April 2008
Pre-order on Amazon: Exposing Casey --Ship Date March 25th

This novel is actually a two novella collection:

Exposing Casey

Casey Andrews loves sex... but she wants to be loved as well. Of course, being blessed (or cursed?) with abody that renders men speechless isn't exactly conducive to post-coital cuddling, much less the possibility of commitment to anything except... more sex. Then Shawn Tranner comes into her life at the moment when she needed someone most. The perfect gentlemen and the perfect lover, Shawn could be the man of Casey's dreams. But with someone bent on turning her dreams into nightmares, trusting the wrong person could be the last thing Casey ever does...

Seducing Lisa

Lisa Millhouse has run from James Brooks for more years than she can remember. He's everything she thinks she doesn't want.... filthy rich. When he sets out to prove to her that he's everything she needs... she'll find herself in the middle of a seduction so consuming that nothing but his touch will matter.

* * * * * *

In my spare time, I updated my website with a new design :-). I'm really liking this one a great deal. It's sexy and reflects the passionate feel of all of my work.


My new paranormal suspense is moving along very nicely and I'm pleased with the progress that I've made on this new character. Developing a character and "world" with series potential is pretty hard stuff these days on my limited schedule.

Happy Reading,
Deanna Lee

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