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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year's Resolution #1: Stop Procrastinating - Broken Already

So, just as I was congratulating myself on what a good writing session I was having, I took a short caffeine-fix break, which led to a quick email check, which led to a visit to MediaBistro.com, where I was one mouse-click away from signing up AGAIN for the magazine article writing class that I’d previously taken, but never finished. But, the money Gods were watching, forcing me to close my browser.

What else can I do while the coffee’s brewing? I asked myself.

I know. I’ll look through my book idea file for new projects (despite the 9 unfinished ones staring back at me).

An hour later, I was still scrolling through the pages. Then, the following idea caught my attention. In December 2006, as I was sitting in Starbuck’s looking around and inventing lives for various patrons – something else I do to procrastinate - I saw a woman alone who looked rather sad and was staring at the door repeatedly, which triggered the idea for this Christmas story:

A woman sits expectantly at a table at a restaurant, convinced that Mr. Right is going to waltz through the door. She checks her makeup repeatedly, can barely finish each course, and glances at the doorway each time someone walks in. In between courses, she replays scenes from her life -- past Christmases of heartbreak. But as dessert is served, followed by her third cup of coffee, and the last guest leaves, she must accept that Mr. Right is not coming. No one has ever come to here rescue, so why should this Christmas be any different. She asks for one last cup of coffee and takes the handful of pills she’s carried along with her. As she drifts off, she hears sirens in the background, before gazing up into kind brown eyes. “You came,” she says, then laughs, coughing, “I’m sorry I didn’t wait.” The reader is left to wonder if Mr. Right really came or if she has died and it was her last dream.

Now, there's a cheery story! What had I been thinking about beforehand?

And, then I remembered why I’d jotted down this idea – because, each year, I get more and more turned off by the excessive commercialism and forced good cheer of the holidays. I was rebelling, in my own childish way, by forcing myself to come up with an unhappy Christmas tale.

Uh, yeah. Well, I think I succeeded.

Hmmmm...Supposing that I didn’t make the heroine come across as a Pitiful Pearl (as my friend Leigh Michaels says), do you think anyone would buy it if I wrote it? Now, that thought is good for at least ten more procrastination minutes...

But I’m going to be strong and resist the temptation – and struggle to get New Year's Resolution #1 back on track. Further exploration of that idea will have to wait, perhaps forever.

Here's wishing everyone success with this year's resolutions!


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