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Monday, January 07, 2008

(OK, so third time's a charm...I cannot believe I couldn't Copy from a Word doc!!)

ANYWAY--one of my Intentions for this New Year is to get more public, and get beyond being such a "techno-tard," far as online promo opps (you can see I need help here!) So here I am! And right now, I'm up against the wall, far as turning in my next novella for Aphrodisia--"NAUGHTY NOELLE" will be in the '08 holiday antho! While it's great fun to write a Christmas story during the Christmas season, lots of Real Life has taken me from my Mac lately. So I'm behinder than I like to be.
But I WILL make my Jan. 15th deadline!
Because another of my Intentions for 2008 is to talk positive! Think positive! And spread JOY!
For those of you who haven't met me, I've been writing for the Aphro line a couple of years now. Wrote four for Black Lace before that, along with two serialized erotic novels at WickedVelvet.com. I also write sweet historical romances under my real name, Charlotte Hubbard, for Dorchester, so I spend six months as Charlotte and six as Melissa MacNeal. Nothing like cashing in on a split personality, eh? It's a hoot going to conventions like RT, where I get to be both of me at any given moment!
Right now, however, I'm a little scrunched. Had a HUGE influx of junk emails at the turn of the new year, and clicked my way into a HUGE problem with my e-mail program, trying to fix it! Which is why I totally love my Mac guru. I've also taken the Secretary's post in Novelists, Inc., an international group for pubbed novelists, so I'm tele-meeting each month now and taking minutes, etc. Those other officers might be in for a BIG surprise, now that I'm on board!
And, on top of that, I'm learning to use Word for all these new activities and for my manuscripts. Yeah, you're thinking I'm really Neanderthal, aren'tcha? But tellya what--the AppleWorks that came free with my Mac is so much simpler and has served me well for most of the 20+ years I've been pubbed. I hate to fix things that ain't broke--but I have to upgrade with the times and go with the flow, too!
And meanwhile....I'm supposed to be working on the final rewriting of my novella right now. I left Andy and Noelle on a Murphy bed in a renovated bungalow, wearing only their Santa hats. I really should get back to see how they're doing without me....
Until next month! Have a good one!
Melissa MacNeal
Next release: "Getting Lucky" in ONLY WITH A COWBOY,
May, 2008

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